Cqub is a global company catering its service towards software development industry. We offer excellent service in developing simple static website design and development. We have a great team comprises of talent and creativity who deliver stunning looking websites with technical competency. We offer an unmatched service for building simple static website and web development. Our designs are most creative in looks and we provide a simple development method for our clients where the user interface is very easy to use for any user and we choose to hide the complex coding part of building websites to us. From simple static web site development we have developed most complex web portals.

Cqub has proven experience in building both horizontal and vertical web portal development services. Our main focus is in developing web portals which has tremendous functional advantage to the business. We have experienced team who is capable of delivering customized web portals according to the specific need of the business. We offer all kinds of web portal services, like ASP.NET web portals or PHP based web portals. Our services included various kinds of technologies like CGI/PERL, WEB LOGIC, JAVA SCRIPT, XML and XSL. Our services ranges from building E-Commerce web portals, social networking portals, and corporate business portals to B2B B2C portals. Cqub is equally equipped in portal web content management. We also provide highly functional CMS and advanced admin controls to manage website contents. We are efficient enough to understand the work flow that goes in auction portals and hence can provide always a better solution than others. We work in 3 tier model where the sole aim is to ease the auction management. Our developed coding grew exponentially from a small start up to a major force to be reckoned with. It acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers.

Vertical Portals or Vortal is a kind of websites that provides information about a particular industry such as health care, insurance, automobiles or food manufacturing. Cqub has that knowledge and experience of developing many such vertical portals for various industries with an affordable price and a grand presentation. We are open to cater to both mid size and bigger industries as well as for start off business. So choosing Cqub for any requirement of web development will be a wise decision.



CQub is initiator of mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows. When you choose CQub , you are partnering with most cost-effective team that has been designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps for years.

CQub hires the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile app developers. Our mobile app developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms or frameworks used for mobile app development. With a team of over 100 dedicated mobile app developers, designers, and creative engineers, we can provide on-demand capacity to help you meet challenges, tight deadlines and promises to the marketplace.

We are expert in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational, and utility mobile apps. Our mobile app developers have experience of developing critical, data and performance intensive apps using cloud web services like AWS (Amazon Web Serives) , iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Content Delivery Networks etc.

So your search for mobile app development company for iOS, Android & Windows ends here! Choose your platform and hire our team of mobile app developer, designer, developer & creative engineer and get your work done. To get in touch with us drop an inquiry.

CQub provides 100% Customer Satisfaction and believe in building long term business relationship to help achieve your business goals.



We endeavor hard to deliver world class ERP with latest features and modern technology. We are passionate about delivering fresh and innovative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. Our main focus is building long term relationship with our clients and bringing them fresh ideas.

We have strong and expert team of ERP development. We have wealth of experience across all industries and provide solutions for new start-up and large businesses with fresh and innovative ideas with a desire to implement the latest trends & technologies.



Cqub Application Development services help you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements. We deliver high quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy using the Cqub Global Delivery Model. It is based on industry-standard process quality frameworks (such as CMMi, CMM) and uses rigorous methodologies and the expertise of our Centers of Excellence to mitigate risk and deliver cost and time-to-market benefits.

Our service offerings, as mentioned below, are targeted towards the principle outcomes of increased advocacy, higher end-user productivity, and rapid adoption with a primary focus to help you boost your ability to harvest increased business value from your investments.



While prepackaged business applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) offer significant benefits and are critical for business success, the costs associated with adopting these packages can be staggering. Project planning and implementation are time-consuming and costly and require a variety of skills and expertise that many companies don't have. There are also high costs associated with the ongoing management and maintenance of these applications.

CQub packaged applications provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions. It includes set of offerings with ongoing support and maintenance to streamline operations and improve business efficiency. CQub provides the skills, expertise, processes, tools and methodologies needed to manage package application implementation.

Some of the readymade packaged applications are Foundry ERP Software, Inventory Management System Software, Online Material Resource Planning Software, H-SMS software etc.



In today’s Internet business world, any successful online or offline business requires effective as well as cost-effective Internet marketing and web promotions. Our SEO services are structured to offer top high search engine ranking along with low to moderate viable keywords with very high competitive keywords where we use a theatrical approach.

Creating world class professional website is an important need. CQub have qualified developers to develop and deliver strategies and solutions that are completely customizable,
We provide apps development across all the industry verticals. We take extreme care to design the apps with best user interface that allows the users to access the contents intuitively.
We endeavor hard to deliver world class ERP with latest features and modern technology. We are passionate about delivering fresh and innovative Enterprise resource planning (ERP) services.
CQub customized solutions are backed by research, business process analysis and state of the art technologies implementation which proves to be a high return of investment.
CQub packaged applications provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions.
In today’s Internet business world, any successful online or offline business requires effective as well as cost-effective Internet marketing and web promotions.

CQub is a software development company headquartered in India, with strategic presence in USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Africa and Middle East. The cornerstone of the company’s development strategy is a balancing combination of in-house research and development coupled with tight integration with proven applications and technologies. CQub is a premier ISO 9001:2008 certified company aspiring for CMM level 3 in near future.

We are a team led by experienced Software developers and designers, two techie buffs and creatively inclined web experts with industry experience of 10+ years. An independent design agency we have the advantage of being selective in the work we undertake and the way we work.

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opening tagThe team at CQub did an exceptional job in development and implementation of our tailor made Micro ERP solution. For our industry We know, it was very difficult to implement the system. But they did it!!!! I would recommend them to anyone and wish him all success in future projects.closing tag

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